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Best toys for a teething puppy

Have you recently welcomed a puppy into your household? Is he or she teething on your furniture, shoes and even your hands? Then it’s time to invest in puppy teething toys. These won’t just save your possessions, but they will soothe his gums and distract him from the discomfort that comes with teething. There any many toys available for puppies, but not all are ideal for the teething stage of your puppy’s life. Let’s take a look at the best toys for a teething puppy…

Hard rubber toys

A hard rubber toy, is the perfect investment if your puppy is teething. These toys are near enough indestructible, which is ideal if your puppy spends all day sinking his teeth into anything he can get hold of. Many hard rubber puppy toys are fillable, which means that you can add water and freeze them, allowing him to cool his sore gums as he chews.

Hard nylon toys

Hard nylon toys are also practically impossible to destroy, making them well suited to teething puppies. However, it’s important to make sure you choose the right size toy for your puppy, as a larger dog could swallow it, causing a blockage in the throat.

Thick rope toys

Quality is important when choosing a thick rope toy for your puppy. It’s vital that your dog isn’t able to pull fibres off the toy, as swallowing them could result in an intestinal blockage. As you can imagine, this could make him very ill. Many people use rope toys to play tug of war with their dogs, but this isn’t advisable until they’re fully grown. This is because it can affect his teeth as they grow in.

Treat toys

Treat toys can be helpful for puppy teething, as not only are they interactive, but they’re good for your puppy’s emerging teeth. Treat pod toys are filled up with treats for your dog to manipulate, encouraging him to learn and play. Make sure you choose a durable pod that’s manufactured from non-toxic rubber.

Puppy teething toys to avoid

The worst puppy teething toys are those with come with sharp or small metal parts, including batteries, springs or pins. It’s also a good idea to avoid toys that include long strips or fibres, such as ribbon or strings. Many people give their puppies tennis balls, and whilst they do love to chew them, they pose a number of risks. For example, they could chew and swallow pieces of the ball, leading to an obstruction in the digestive tract. Larger dogs may also get the ball stuck in the back of their throat, which can be fatal. Sticks, ice cubes and stuffed toys are also teething toys to avoid.

The right toy can help to lessen your puppy’s discomfort as he goes through the teething process, whilst helping him explore the world with his mouth. He is going to chew whether you like it or not (it’s just a part of being a dog!). But, you can make this part of his growth a lot more bearable for you both if you provide him with decent puppy teething toys.

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