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Tips for helping a new kitten feel at home

Will you soon be welcoming a kitten into your family? Then you’ll need to take steps to help him to settle in quickly. Moving into a new home can be very daunting for a tiny kitten, and it can be a traumatic transition. Not only do they need to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings, but they are also leaving their mothers and brothers and sisters for the very first time, which can be tough. However, with a bit of patience and preparation, you can help your new feline friend to feel at home.

Keep your kitten in one room for the first few weeks

Choose a room where your kitten can be kept for the first few weeks. This will help him to adjust gradually, ensuring that he isn’t too overwhelmed. It can also help to toilet train him, avoiding the risk of accidents occurring elsewhere in the house. Try to avoid choosing a room that has full-length curtains, as chances are your kitten will climb up them, perching at the top. Make the room as safe as possible by removing hazardous substances, poisonous plants and breakable objects. Place a litter box in the corner of the room, well away from his food and water.

Purchase a comfortable cat bed

Whilst a cat bed often isn’t considered a necessity, most cats like to have a soft space that is all their own. They crave secure and comfortable spots in which they can snooze without being disrupted. There are a wide range of cat beds on the market, from standard round, cosy beds to elevated cat beds which satisfy their in-built desire for using vertical space. Cat radiator beds are a popular choice, particularly as they help to keep them nice and warm during colder weather.

Choose a selection of cat toys

As cats are inquisitive animals, it’s only natural that they like to be kept occupied with cat toys. Choose toys with feathers attached and toys filled with catnip. Handheld laser pointers can also be a good investment, providing your kitten (and you!) with hours of fun. Don’t forget to purchase a scratching post too, as it’ll spare your furniture, fixtures and fittings in the future.

Buy appropriate cat food

Kittens require food that’s appropriate for their age. For the first six months, it’s a good idea to choose a food that promotes muscle, bone and nervous system development. Kitten foods are labelled as such, and so you shouldn’t end up purchasing a food intended for adult cats. If you’re unsure which food is right for your kitten, speak to your vet. They can provide you with all the nutritional information you need.

When you welcome a new and inquisitive kitten in your home, don’t expect him to settle in right away. He may take some time to become accustomed to his new surroundings. However, if you follow our advice above, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t become a much-loved member of your family in no time at all, providing you with years of companionship and fun.

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